Sturgis: Group of ANTIFA saved by Police in Sturgis (Video)

Yesterday, a small group of ANTIFA agitators Started protesting at the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota. A tall ANTIFA member with purple hair kicked a passing motorcycle, and it was on. Bikers SWARMED the ANTIFA agitators quickly, but the local police jumped in and took the purple haired man into custody, then surrounded the entire group of ANTIFA agitators, to keep them from being quickly attacked by the bikers.

Not the smartest thing to do with hundreds upon hundreds of Bikers / Patriots there to have a good time.

Since they were there and shouting “Defund the police” and other slurs, one wonders how they were not totally embarrassed in needing the Police help to keep them from getting completely torn to shreds by the Bikers/patriots.

Power in numbers

It is times like this where Patriots are gathered, that the power in numbers is realized. This is one of the many reasons for this site. To bring Patriots together in numbers, so when those who wish to see the destruction of America and create Insurrection (Very much like what happened in Sturgis,) can be confronted and removed by the Patriots of America.

The action starts around minute 28:40 in the video.

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