The Fight for our Country

Since the November 3rd election, we have seen MASSIVE amounts of EVIDENCE of Election Fraud‼️

There is Absolutely NO WAY we can let this go unchallenged‼️ Without Free and Fair elections in the United States. It ceases to be the United States of America. The integrity of our vote matters more to us, than our currency.

It is very obvious that the Democratic Party and outside influences in other countries have taken part in this fraud‼️ China, is among the worst of these influences‼️

If you have paid close attention to the Hearings in several States like the most recent one in Georgia, I don’t think there is ANY way you can miss seeing the fraud‼️

Americans are PISSED OFF‼️

Please take the time to view the following video. President Trump has tweeted it 3 times in the last couple of weeks. This tells me, he WANTS all of us to see it‼️

I have started the video at 9:28 for you, you can just back it up if you wish. He hits ALL the points as to what is going on‼️

Let me be frank. WE (Freedom Loving Patriots) ARE NOT ORGANIZED ENOUGH TO FIGHT A BATTLE at this moment. We do NOT have the correct communications with those that would be our leaders in any fight.

We MUST start using Forums like those in this site, to share ideas.

More to come!

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