Where have the Flu and Pneumonia deaths gone⁉️

We have been hearing for months now how the Coronavirus death toll is climbing, but, we hear no reports about this years flu and pneumonia deaths. Why not?

Before Covid-19 (Coronavirus) was named a pandemic, the 2019/2020 season deaths to Pneumonia and Influenza was estimated to be over 87,000 persons, by the CDC.

CDC “P&I” report in February, 2020 / 6 Year Trend

The above chart was created on the CDC website in February, 2020. It was a “year-over-year” weekly deaths trend report from 2013 to 2020 for Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) deaths. As you can see from the trend. 2019 started to trend along the prior 5 years, but then to a SHARP down turn in the first week of 2020. This is NOT being talked about by ANY news media today. Good luck trying to locate the page to create such a report today.

The CDC has removed P&I and replaced it with “PIC”. PIC stands for “Pneumonia, Influenza and Coronavirus”. They have COMBINED the numbers‼️

When the news channels, CDC, Johns Hopkins University and others say that there has been almost 200,000 (as of Sep 22, 2020) deaths due to Covid-19, THEY ARE LYING TO US‼️ You MUST remove the estimated 87,000 deaths from the equation FIRST‼️

Then there is the CDCs own admission, that the “COVID-19 ONLY” deaths represent just 6% of the total. Whereby the numbers of 200,00087,000 = 113,000. 6% of 113,000 = 6,780Covid-19 Only” deaths, in the United States.

The CDC stated that the remaining 94% of the persons that have died, had “2 or more Comorbidities” that may have resulted in their deaths.

6,780 deaths by “COVID-19” is a VERY low number by comparison to Influenza deaths. Yet the country is in shutdown for it.

Do your OWN research… There are those in local, state and federal governments, willing to take ALL our rights away, for REAL numbers that are LOWER than deaths by the COMMON COLD‼️

We MUST stop them from destroying our country for their own gains‼️

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