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I happened to see on YouTube the C-Span video of J6 hearings. I couldn’t stay listening for more than 45 seconds. That short time proved to me I was right… this is nothing but a Stalin show trial. Yesterday I happened to see before J6 hearing that MI GOP Gubernatorial candidate was arrested for “ participation” in J6. Another tactic used by dictators, which is eliminate your enemies. The week before that our fearless leader, President Biden, made the comment on multiple occasions of how the second amendment (like all rights – he did say that too!) are NOT ABSOLUTE! When you just start piecing those puzzle pieces together what do you see?? That isn’t including the puzzle pieces since he took office or during his campaign. I see the end of America, the end of the Constitution, the end of traditional family values. Hello United Soviet States of America.  As Pope John VI said “the smoke of Satan has entered the Church.” Well, it entered fully under the devout Catholic President and Speaker of the house in our government.
We have seen a Supreme Court Justice have an armed man outside his residence that wanted to killed him and later on the same day protesters outside his house over his decision in a case that has NOT be released officially. Making the protests a federal crime and one could argue that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should be brought before a court for Incitement of violence for his comments directed at Justice Kavanaugh and another Supreme Court Justice. Chucky mentioned them by name!! Yet, nothing happens to them. While others are imprisoned without proper due process because they were in DC on J6. I’m not saying violence didn’t happened because it did and that is not tolerated. There is video evidence of Antifa changing into Pro-Trump clothing to mingle with protesters…will that ever be showed? Doubt it! We have rights of adults  to own guns being talked about and voted on to change age from 18 to 21. The powers that be feel an 18 year old is not mentally capable of owning such a weapon when their brains are not fully developed. Ok. But they are developed enough to vote ?? To go to war?? Let’s cut the bullshit! They want guns gone!!! They want the citizens unarmed … so they can go confidently (without fear of the citizens) forward with their final transformation of tyranny into a dictatorship of their choosing. They already have speech stifled. Churches are following the nonsense or ignoring and not saying anything which can be worse in my opinion. They are having mass shootings a couple a week for a few weeks now… gun grab. They already have violating due process … they just keep checking off one amendment after another. Soon, the Constitution has disappeared. People are scared, people don’t know what is really happening (thank you propaganda news outlets – Joseph Goebbels would be so proud!!), people are stressed trying to make ends meet since the President has decided green energy is the way forward instead of undoing his own executive orders to shut down drilling or unsealing oil just sitting there to lower cost of gas. If you can’t see the evil Lord help you. It is only HE who can because us mere mortals will not be able to make you see the light.

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