Google owned “Wikipedia” calls Patriot Movement “Far-Right Militia Movement”

This makes my blood boil‼️ You can’t be a “Patriot” without being labeled a “Far-Right extremist”‼️ Considering that the founding fathers and those that fought oppression in Boston in the 1770’s and through the U.S. Revolution, were ALL considered “Patriots”‼️

But notice that ALL Patriots and “Conservative” and NOT Liberals (That much I can agree with)‼️

When you search the web for “Patriot Movement” this is what you get in the search results…

From Wikipedia:

“This article is about the U.S. “Patriot” movement. For other uses, see Patriot (disambiguation).

The patriot movement is a collection of conservative, independent, mostly rural, small government,[1] American nationalist social movements in the United States that include organized militia members, tax protesterssovereign or state citizensquasi-Christian apocalypticists/survivalists, and combinations thereof.[2] Journalists and researchers have associated the patriot movement with the far-right militia movement[3] and some in the movement have committed or supported illegal acts of violence.[1][4] United States law enforcement groups call them “dangerous, delusional and sometimes violent”.[5]

Major events in America which alarm or inspire the patriot movement include the 1992 Ruby Ridge siege, the 1993 Waco siege and the 1996 Summer Olympics. After declining from 1996 to 2008, the number of patriot groups increased dramatically following the election of Barack Obama to the presidency.[6]

This crap MUST come to an end‼️ The Left in this Great Country want to destroy Patriotism‼️

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