Trumps 1st Rally for his 2024 Run for President

Last night was President Trump’s first rally of his 2024 run for President in Waco, TX.

Texas came out in force to see him at the rally. This is a NIGHTMARE for the left and the RINO establishment ‼️ They are trying to convince his followers to no longer support him. They want you to support Ron Desantis from Florida. But there is a huge problem with the Florida governor. He was just endorsed by the one and only George Soros for one thing‼️

Not only has he been endorsed by the one person who has been funding all of the liberal left stooges like DA Alvin Bragg of Manhattan, NY. He has been communicating with well-known RINOs in the Republican party, namely former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others that stabbed Trump in the back in Washington DC. Although he has been doing good things in Florida, we cannot trust him with the Presidency of the United States.

President Trump checked all the boxes in last night’s rally. He brought attention to what the Manhattan DA has been doing, he talked about the economy, food prices, trade deals, military strength, the problem with the public schools, transgender issues, critical race theory, energy independence, and so much more.

The only problem I see is this… In my opinion, I don’t believe we can wait until January 2025 for change to come to America‼️ I don’t believe we can make it to 2024 if I am being totally honest‼️

We need something done NOW‼️ Every hour that goes by, is one hour closer to the elimination of the United States and our Constitution.

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