Masks, the Social Compliance Indicator!

Are you compliant ? Big brother is watching!

Why Do Northeast Asians Wear Surgical Masks In Public ...


Can someone, anyone, give me a “scientifically sound” reason for wearing a mask?

Why do people from East Asian countries (China, Japan ...

Let me be blunt. Masks are for those who are knowingly sick, that are knowingly going to be around those who are NOT sick. It is also for those that are in the medical arenas that are going to be around those that are un-healthy or medically compromised.


The Covid-19 virus, and all the other Coronavirus’s are small enough to pass right through a “Cloth Face Covering“, yet “Politicians” and NOT ANYDoctor” tell the public they MUST be worn. Why? To keep the public afraid, thats why.

There is of course the fact that, a cough or a sneeze will “force” the virus to be spread further away from the host body a greater distance, than without a mask. But the virus has “to much mass” to “float” in the air that we breath, beyond just a few feet from the infected host.

I then come back to the fact that a “sick” person, should be wearing a mask when venturing out of their home and being around other people. They should NOT be visiting a mall, a concert, or the grocery store, when they are feeling so bad that they are “coughing” or “sneezing” and have a fever! Would YOU be out of your bed?

An “Asymptomatic” carrier of the virus, DOES NOT HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS, meaning they ARE NOT COUGHING OR SNEEZING! So the ONLY way they can spread the virus to others, is via “WHAT THEY TOUCH“!

So what does THIS mask do?

12 Shocking Face-masks Worn By K-Pop Idols

NOT A DAMN THING! They are ridiculous!

But what if you are sick with some OTHER disease and you don’t know it. but you ARE wearing a mask? Something like “Streptococcus“, “Strep Throat,” or God forbid “Necrotizing Fasciitis!”

What will your mask wearing do then?

It is NOT a pretty sight!

The Mask of Naivete: Necrotizing Fascitis
How to Identify Symptoms of Impetigo | eHow

And what about OVER WEARING of a mask? Doctors and nurses are posting pictures of what is happening from wearing masks for longer periods of time in their profession.

Health care workers share photos of their bruised faces ...

Many Doctors have warned that “Just wearing a mask” can bring more harm to you, then what it is you are trying NOT to get!

So, I think it is about time WE stand up, against the POLITICIANS that are forcing the “Mask” wearing mandates and yes, the “FEAR MONGERING” and go back to using what has been lacking this entire time, “COMON SENSE!

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