Taxation without Representation‼️

Can someone tell me what occurred in 1776 when the crown was taxing the colonies for the sake of the crown in Britain and was giving nothing to the colonies❓

What is different today⁉️

The current Resident and Congress are taking Billions of dollars of present and future tax collections and giving it to other countries and programs designed to take away our rights, and much more.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President

What has Ukraine done to justify receiving almost 200 billion dollars of our money❓ They are the most corrupt country in the world (next to the United States these days)‼️

Members of Congress and Main Stream Media would have you believe it is our duty to send money and weapons to Ukraine. It is NOT‼️ Don’t be fooled, we have no reason at all to be sending money and weapons to anyone. We have people in the United States that need help‼️

Income Tax was started in 1913 in the United States, to help offset the cost of WWI. But it never ended. After all, why end a way to line everyone’s pockets and fund senseless projects, that do NOT have anything to do with us?

Our Government (and pretty much every other country’s Government around the world) is spending money that they don’t have, and NEVER will‼️ Even if they stop ALL spending today, our Great, Great, Great Grandchildren would still not have paid the Trillions of dollars of debt.

So, this is Taxation without Representation. And we must come together as Americans to set things straight‼️

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