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Thank you or inviting me Grey Wolf!

I believe my two threads in the patriots lodge and my short bio does the best job of letting you into the complicated mind that is me.

A patriot,obviously. Staunch defender of western values and culture.
Not a follower of any religion,but not for lack of faith.
I have unlimited Faith, but i feel uncertain as to where to put it and i believe that Faith alone, is good enough.
Supporter of Christian values however and the morals (i am aware of all the crimes too,but that is not unique to the church,but to people in power) that it has instilled in the west.

I would be very happy for people to read my musings and consider replying any thoughts or ideas that come to you even if you disagree or diverge from what i think or espouse. I welcome it. How else can i grow?  Also digs into Big Tech,geo-politics and faith (kind of,or thought?).

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