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    Civilians cannot fathom that a fully functioning society can turn into the liberian civil war in 72 hrs , as logistics (Food,water,fuel,medicine) break down and only military and contigency transports in limited capacity are still able to function.

    Brother turns against brother.
    Hell is unleashed.
    Unfortunately so very many americans have had to experience that,war..hell. And the people who want to bring it back to your land they have only seen it playing computer games or whatever,they have no concept and would certainly not be prepared for the absolute slaughter that would ensue when those who fought for peace, find that the land they served now wants to have a war on home turf.

    Young people need to vote ,stay home,dont protest ,burn,loot or fight. Adults need to do the same and tell their children do not rush the white house,do not riot, do not fuck with the military or veterans or anyone.

    You push and push and push..eventually there will be a push back and unfortunately for the marxist communists 77% of all guns are owned by conservatives, many millions who are retired LEO,military or both.

    It’s not even like they have a chance.. I hope they back down. For their own sake. They think they will be heroes,it will be like the movies and in the media.. but thats just carefully edited and curated material. War is hell and humanity and truth are the first casaulties.. They think they will be some action hero in a movie when most likely a majority of them will be the thousands who died in seconds storming the beaches of germany in ww2 not even getting to step off the landing craft.

    And the number i picked, 72 hours from fully functioning society to a total breakdown and full blown civil war some of you may recognize because it is the timeline most nations ,and societal researchers consider to be the time from when conflict starts and supplies/logistics when violence for the sake of food ,water or just for violence sake alone breaks out.

    Patriot RonPatriot Ron

    Absolutely Patriot‼️

    The empowered left only know Power‼️ They do nothing but lie to our young to make them believe that things will be better for them in a World run by the Governing Body.

    WE know that there is NO WAY that Civilizations can survive in the way they are Indoctrinating our young‼️

    We MUST lead them out of this way of thinking‼️

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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