A prediction made in 2010, about 2030, regarding US-China.

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    This is a short video.
    It offers a perspective,from 2010 about increasing chinese influence and ownership of US treasury bonds, companies,land,debt and what might be taught in a chinese economy class in 2030 about the US.
    With the clear links between democrats and China, i fear if the democrats gain power,or even if Trump wins but enough pro-CCP china assets remain in positions of power..This video might not be too far from the truth wether the timeline predicted ten years ago is still accurate or not.


    Obviously what should be done has been initiated by The trump admin to a large extent, however his first term he was assaulted on all fronts aswell as stabbed in the back multiple times,yet managed to (i believe) lay the groundwork for a rather large purging of corruption. And if i had to take a guess as to why it has not yet happened,consider that in his term as president several key figures in FBI,Intelligence,Judiciary and Politics have made multiple contradicting statements,lied to cover themselves or others,then there have been new hearings with new documents proving their lies..

    He has been letting them,in their panic, incriminate themselves further and further to the point where securing mass convictions is beyond any legal doubt and evidence simply overwhelming. But that whole plan hinges on him getting another 4 years to start carrying it out.

    Trump may yet win,and with what appears to be signs of record voter fraud, this may well be settled in the Supreme court. Good news is that Trump seems to have not only been well aware of the plan to engage in voter fraud, but where and how. Look at where National guard were stationed and correlate that with states that had sudden spikes of “found biden ballot boxes” in the middle of the night,suprisingly 100% only biden votes numbering across the different states,several hundred thousands. That just does not happen. Mathematically,statistically and realistically not improbable,but impossible.

    Interestingly enough these are the states where he ,prior to election, ordered national guard units to mobilize.
    That tells me he knew more than he let on,as he seems to always be doing. Happy for the democrats and the media to consider him a buffoon..

    “Appear weak,where you are strong.” – Sun Tzu , Art of War.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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