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    I dont now about you, but I’m real angry about the DOJ, the invasion across our borders and the Biden crime family and members of congress getting away with not following the law and not being arrested and tried for their crimes. I say this because, at 72 years old, the courts here in Connecticut changed their age limit for jury duty to 70 to 75 years old. As of last year the cut off age was 70, now 70 and over can be called for jury duty. Well I am pissed, and fed up with the justice system and lost all faith in the system. They let this govt get away with not following the law, and then pressure the elderly to go to jury duty. My message to them is, go after the young ones and leave the elderly alone. We have enough  problems to deal with then to sit in a court room. I may be rambling here, but the older I get the angrier I get watching my country being destroyed, and I dont give a fuck about court rooms and jury duty. We have bigger fish to fry in saving our country. And at this point I dont care about the court system. I believe in the death penalty, I believe that there should not be a death row and if you committed murder, you should be executed at sentencing. stop filling up our jails and prisons with murderers. save the tax payers money. Do I sound hateful, not hateful, just fed up that my dollars are going to house criminals. My beef is leaving the elderly alone and stop sending us jury duty notices. This govt keeps upping the age on when we can retire, get our social security , and other things. they want to run us into the ground. So why are they not going after these useless pieces of crap young people who dont want to work, who just want to hang around and do nothing. Drag there asses to jury duty, make them useful citizens and do their duty, the elderly population have done theirs, they fought in wars, they raised their children and worked their asses off to where now they are suppose to be living in their golden years and enjoying life. but the greedy govt does not want us to. they are taking away everything we have worked for. This senior citizen says, fuck you, it is not happening. I will fight tooth and nail before I bend to the govt.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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