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    This is only my observation and opinions, but having followed the follies and
    inhabitants of the Swamp we refer to as Washington DC. The main driving force
    behind all the backstabbing, battle for power and corruption that has become a
    plague is Money. The people we sent to Washington often young and well
    meaning soon become a cog in the two party machine that drives the process of
    There is a pay to play system that is ruthlessly controlled by the Democrat and
    Republican Campaign Committees, special interests and the fossils that have
    made a career of milking the system and becoming millionaires.
    All new laws, tax codes, and procurement go through a plethora of Committees.
    To be appointed membership to a committee, a person has to spend hours on the
    phone begging for money, in a cubicle at either the DNCC or the RNCC, since the
    rules state that they can not do this process from their assigned office in one of the
    various House or Senate office buildings. On average a house member spends 4-6
    hours on the phone for every hour the spend on the floor doing their Job. Here are
    the links for two great articles that explain the process, and how it corrupts and
    controls all.
    And here is a list of all the Committees
    The only way this problem can get fixed is the Convention of States , this issues
    and Term Limits are only 2 of the topics that has to be addressed at the State
    Level, to overrule the Permanent Ruling Class
    Here is the Link for the COS
    This is why we need patriots and efforts like the USFL to educate the masses and
    get pressure from the local and State levels to fix a very broken system.


    Thank you for this information, this can be very useful to educate people as to how the government corruption is systemwide.


    I agree 100% on term limits. Can the States legislate term limits or does Congress have to that? We have discussion the other night about that. I thought Congress had to pass that and we all know they won’t. My husband thought that each state could pass term limits on fed positions (US Rep/US Senate).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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