The Peoples Convoy – The TIP of the spear!

The United States is not alone when it comes to having a tyrannical government. 

The laws that have been forced on the people have been nothing short of stifling! With the “Pandemic” we have seen many freedoms and liberties disappear at the stroke of a pen.

Canada was the first to step up to the plate with a truckers convoy bringing awareness to its people. Starting in the west of Canada, it moved and grew until it reached Ottawa, the nation’s capital.

The capital was filled with peaceful protestors, despite the harsh Canadian winter temperatures. Their government responded to the 100% peaceful protests with force, injuring innocent citizens in the process, rather than engaging in conversation.

Truckers in the United States saw what the Canadians were doing and decided to start a Convoy in America, with the same idea of raising awareness.

In January 2022, the word spread, and the “Peoples Convoy” was a reality. It started in California and headed to Washington, DC. It was clear that everyone wanted their constitutional rights back.

On February 23, 2022, the convoy left Adelanto, CA. on its 2,780-mile journey to Washington DC. Many started to gather in Adelanto days before, to wish the drivers luck and support them. With hugs, letters, stories, concerns, and pocket money for what they would be sacrificing in the days and weeks ahead. For many, this journey met no income to support their family and homes left behind while they were engaged with the convoy. But they engaged nonetheless.

They witnessed thousands of people on the bridges and overpasses waving American and Canadian flags as they continued their way toward Washington DC.

In many of the nightly stopping spots, there were people supporting the movement everywhere! In Indianapolis, Indiana there was the unveiling of a 96-foot Gold bannered American Flag. It was held by many of the supporters that were asked to turn their phone lights on, and as they walked under it, they were asked to remember someone that they knew had given their all to protect the flag. There was not a dry eye of those who came from underneath the flag after that walk.

Once the convoy reached Hagerstown, Maryland, some drivers were asked to attend a meeting in Washington DC. to speak to Senators and Congressmen about why they were there, and what they could do to help the cause.

They discussed their reasons for traveling to Washington DC. Which was to be a single message for them to hear and discuss ways to make changes.

The single message was:

“End the State of Emergency, that is being abused to create mandates for compliance in a country of laws”, with the mask and vaccine mandates being only a portion of what it is being used for.

The State of Emergency is the foundation of a multi-story building that consists of all that is being used to subvert the Constitutional rights and the rights we are born with. Each floor of the building represents one of the abuses. Remove the foundation, the building will crumble and fall.

Senator Ted Cruz stated that he and other Senators had indeed written and passed a bill to end the State of Emergency in the Senate and to prevent any further abuse in the future. That bill is now stuck in the House, where there is no schedule to move it to the floor for a vote.

The Senators were informed that the truck drivers were simply ”The Tip Of The Spear” and that the body of the blade and staff of the Spear, would be the PEOPLE. It is the PEOPLE that will make the changes needed in their government.

Meetings were held with many Representatives while in Washington DC., but it had become apparent along the way that there was NO WAY that the news media would let the people of America hear the message the Convoy was trying to deliver. The media IS part of the problem that has cursed the United States and the World by hiding the truth and seemingly siding with the government’s narratives.

The MOVEMENT that the Convoys started is what must continue to grow to a point where the Media and the Government can NO LONGER ignore the PEOPLE!

Thanks to DiegoTV for the wordsmithing of this article.

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